BUNKERGAME I. - The mission has started!

Place: Pestlőrinc –fonóüzem

Time: Sometime during the Cold War

The basic story: You are an agent whose mission is to save the world,- catastrophe ,lost in nowhere,hunted ,hearing the steps behind you and the murder is right there.The atom bomb is active,the timer is ticking so let’s save the world before it is too late. Find the keys ,solve the codes that’s how it ’s works as usually.

The gametime is given ,you have 60-100 minutes to get the keys and open the the numerical code controlled doors.You are closed in a real bunker,sourended by darkness and silence ,it is easy to lost your sense of time.The time is just running ,you will see.

The challenges are complicated,teamwork is warmly required but it is not enough.Most of the teams got stuck ,that’s the point when the quizmaster helps to get out of the bunker. If you feel yourself advanced ,you can try out without any help,but it is gonna be mean;)

The main point of the game to experience the so called „FLOW” work in a team and fight for the collective aim to save the world and get out.

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  • info@bunkergame.com

Open: Every Day 09:00-23:00