The Beginnings

Spot : secret Laboratory in a bunker

Time: before the II World War


Story: No one would have thought ,that Dr.Tihanyi Pal the army surgeon of the Hungarian Army blow up the entire secret laboratory during a peacefully and sunny summer day by accident.The billions worth equipment and all the secret documents were destroyed in the detonation and the fire after it .The rescue team managed to save the life of the doctor’s but his colleague and also his wife died in the explosion. Everything has been changed since that day.The Echo which was the covername of Dr. Tihanyi Pál ,sacrificed his whole life to finish his experiment and avenge the death of his beloved wife . The nerve gas that has been tested years , stepped into the last phase

The mission: Now you have the chance to avoid a worldwide catastrophe and save the entire planet.You and your team need to decipher the riddle. get to know the doctor 's life to get closer to the solution. You have 60 minutes ,the time is running and you are the last chance the mankind.

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